Established in 1948

Established in 1948, this our family-owned business entered the footwear industry with a chain of retail stores in the northeastern USA. Three generations later, Orva has now expanded to serve consumers nationwide via the Amazon marketplace.

In 1984, Orva turned its focus to capturing the New York City market by opening a 5,000 square foot flagship location on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

In 2010, while in our flagship store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, we realized that the consumer purchasing experience was making a tectonic shift. We embraced it!

Since the development of our model, we have become a market leader as a trusted 3P authorized retail partner with many footwear, apparel, and equipment brands. To accommodate our rapid growth, we have expanded into five regional distribution centers with 500,000 dedicated square feet. In addition, we have moved our headquarters into a brand new 10,000 square foot office within Wall Street Plaza in New York City’s financial district. These expansions increase speed to market to the consumer.

Leadership Team

  • Abe Shalom President

    Abe joined Orva in 2011 as President of E-commerce with the goal of transforming the Orva business into an e-commerce platform, and was instrumental in the development of the current strategy. He now serves as president of Orva overseeing all facets of operations and strategy as well as business development.

  • David Aizer President Of E-Commerce

    David joined Orva in 2011 as Vice President of E-commerce to support the transformation of the Company into an ecommerce platform. He now serves as the President of E-commerce and helps develop strategy, positioning in the marketplace, merchandising and new partnership opportunities.

  • Elliot Aizer President Of Merchandising

    Elliot joined Orva in 2000 with the goal of growing the Footwear division at Orva with the vison of expanding the company’s footprint in the shoe business. He now serves as the President of Merchandising to help brands effectively grow their market share on the Amazon platform.

  • Marc Shalom President Of New Development

    Marc joined Orva in 2015 with the goal of expanding Orva’s presence in new categories beyond footwear. He now serves as the President of New Development and merchandises the categories with the help of Orva’s buying team; Marc is also responsible for outlining new brand targets and potential new categories to penetrate.

  • Arthur Aizer President Of Finance

    Arthur was one of the founders of the Orva company. Arthur led three transformations of our brick and mortar retail life; Our Hosiery stores, the transition to Department stores, and the conversion into Footwear only stores. He now serves in a senior role, overseeing the Backoffice and Finance components of the business.

  • 70+Years of Retail Experience
  • 150+Brands
  • TOP 10US Amazon Rank
  • 100%Positive Feedback 200k+ Review

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